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SCI is licensed as a Private Detective Agency in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and South Dakota

  • Sturm Consulting and Investigations, is licensed as a Private Detective Agency in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and South Dakota.
  • SCI engages in a wide variety of Insurance Investigations, specializing in:
    • surveillance
    • defense work
    • court records checks
    • activity checks and background investigations.
  • SCI has expertise in investigations and almost 40 years of experience.
  • SCI Investigators are highly trained and able to provide expert testimony on all files.
  • SCI can be on location quickly.  We have investigators throughout our covered states.
  • SCI works vigorously to assist our clients in the defense of insurance claims, and works closely with requesters and SIU personnel to obtain fair and usable results on each assignment.
  • SCI assignments are handled in the most cost efficient way for our valued clients.
  • SCI handles all investigative and surveillance assignments with detailed logs, which are compiled in the form of written reports and are submitted to the customer during the handling of or at the conclusion of the assignment.
  • SCI maintains chain of evidence.  All forms of evidence are kept in a secure location, allowing the information to be used in court in the defense of the claim. All investigators are experts in providing testimony in adverse litigation.
  • SCI investigators are available 7/24 – 365days.
  • SCI is a full service vendor, providing surveillance, activity and background investigations, recorded statements, record searches, Corporate Surveillance, executive protections and other forms of investigations.

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